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Our farm lies on the crest of a ridge in the Byron hinterland overlooking the sea. We have planted over 4000 macadamia trees and at the heart of our farm we have planted over 30 acres of what is now lush subtropical rainforest and wildlife rich eucalypt forests. We are passionate about farming in environmentally sustainable ways.

These forests are home to native insects, native bees and wildlife like platypus, owls, koala, turtles, water dragons, snakes and birds that help maintain the natural balance of our farm as a fully integrated farm system.

A breeding pair of owls can consume up to 1,200 rats and mice a year and Brookfarm has several pairs of these owls. We use the tiny trichogramma wasp to keep the macadamia destroying Nut Borer Moth at bay. Our hives of Australian bees – called Carbonaria bees – do a magnificant job of pollinating the trees, both macadamia and rainforest and eucalypts on our farm.

The rainforest is the original home of the macadamia, a native Australian rainforest tree. The rich red fertile volcanic soils, high rainfall and the warm sub-tropical climate of the Byron hinterland are the ideal conditions for growing macadamias.

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