Our Inspiration – Mick Hull

The inspiration for Brookfarm Natural Macadamia Muesli and the Walkabout blends of fruit, nuts and chocolate comes from Pam Brook’s father, Mick Hull. Mick was one Victoria’s skiing legends.

“Our kitchen used to be filled with jars of oats, bran, nuts, grains, seeds, dried fruits and secret ingredients my father would specially request. He would then blend a new mix each week until the ideal combination was achieved,” says co-founder Pam Brook. Mick was passionate about muesli and passionate about his skiing and was one of the early pioneers of downhill skiing in Australia. He skied until he was eighty-four, winning gold medals in the over 70’s and later in the over 80’s slalom races. At the age of 79 he came in second in the world’s over 70’s Giant Slalom championships in Austria.

Inspired by Mick’s love of the great outdoors devotion to Victoria’s highest mountain, Mt Bogong, Pam and Martin Brook created a range of high quality fruit and nut blends called the Walkabout range. Mick always carried in his pack a home-made trail mix and called it scroggin. His last climb of his beloved mountain was at the age of 82.

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