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Sustainability – its not just a concept or just something nice to say to make us feel good about our impact on the earth as we do business. It IS what we do, it permeates through every facet of Brookfarm and has done since day one.

It’s just the natural, logical way to do things if you care at all about the place we live – from our own little patch to the entire planet.

It begins at the beginning (as they say), our family farm; where we have regenerated rainforest planting over 35000 new rainforest trees, employed natural farming practices in our macadamia plantation and  create a haven for native wildlife. It continues in our Bakehouse which is powered by the Byron Bay sunshine (288 solar panels to be exact), it’s in the design of the building, our wonderful ingredient suppliers, our processes, right down to the way we clean the floors.

We truly do try and walk the talk.

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