“Working for Qantas and in my current role, I have to do a fair amount of travel and always look forward to your muesli on the morning services. It really is a staple to my morning flight routine.  Keep up the great work!”


Qantas Airways Limited

Just wanting to thank you for producing a wonderful product. I am 54 years old and never been one for the healthy cereals. Always sneaking in Coco pops, chocolate biscuits etc for breakfast. My wife has been trying to get me to have a healthy breakfast for nearly thirty years.

I always resisted till I tried your Macadamia muesli. The first mouthful was magic! I’ve been hooked ever since. Nothing else compares to it. My wife has tried over the years to introduce me to Muesli but yours is the only product I will eat. So there you go. You guys are doing a fantastic job and I’m feeling a lot better these days too.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…albeit a healthier one these days.



This is the best muesli we have tasted.  Thank you.  GREAT PRODUCT!   GREAT WEBSITE!

Neville & Wendy


For the first time I bought your Gluten Free Apricot & Apples Macadamia Muesli and I just had to write to let you know it is amazing!!! I just can’t stop eating it.  It is the best ever and I am happy to find your range at Harris Farm in Bondi Junction. Thank you and keep up the good work


Bondi Beach

I am hooked.  I bought the Macadamia oil with Lemon Myrtle on a recent wine tasting weekend and it is the finest oil I have ever had.  I have just ordered 6 more bottles through my local stockist as I never not want to have this fantastic oil in my kitchen. Well done on a beautiful product.



Do you have a group Muesli Anonymous that I can join to break my addiction to your muesli’s?  Here I am eating it for lunch and sometimes dinner.  Thanks for making such a great product.  Have been eating it for years now.


Byron Bay

I just HAD to email you to congratulate you on this product (Nightcap Ranges Walkabout Mix).  It is without a doubt, THE nicest one I have ever had.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!


Richmond, VIC

I just wanted to write a quick email to let you know how impresses I was by your Mt Bogong Walkabout Mix.  I’ve just opened the packet this morning and as expecting to see a pretty sad pathetic mix of fruit, nuts & compound chocolate, but the stuff inside looked EXACTLY like the stuff on the front of the packet.  Now that’s a first for me! It’s really refreshing to see a company that has a great product, cares for the environment and actually uses Australian content in their product.



I love the Brookfarm bars and today I tried the Nightcap Ranges Walkabout Mix – yummy! These are the best! I try and eat gluten free which can be a little boring at times – but you guys make it a treat! Thank you, keep up the fantastic work.



Your Mac nut oil with lemon myrtle is the closest thing to divinity since R VaughnWilliam’s’ The Lark Ascending’!!!………. It makes steaks sing with flavour, it makes salads tingle. It is just so fantastic. Yeah, you guessed it… I kinda like it!!!




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