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Brook family support YES vote - Brookfarm

Brook family support YES vote

The Brook family, founders and owners of one of Australia’s leading gourmet food companies, Brookfarm, have thrown their support behind the ‘YES VOTE’ for same-sex marriage. Brook family support YES vote from Brookfarm on Vimeo. Pam and Martin Brook and their family have cited family values, basic human rights, and respect as their key motives to vote YES at the current plebiscite into same-sex union. The Brook family, who have long been business and community leaders in the Northern Rivers, NSW, have made a public stand to encourage others to have their say. “I just don’t understand why same sex couples shouldn’t have the same rights throughout life, and in their dying days, that the legality of marriage gives you,” reflected Pam Brook, Brookfarm founder and CEO. Brookfarm, who were recently named 2017 Northern Rivers Business of the Year, employ over 70 people across their business and celebrate diversity amongst their staff. Love is LoveVote Yes! “People are people and love is love,” said Eddie Brook. “It’s a fundamental right for any Australian to have the choice to marry who they want.” “This is a basic human rights issue,” added Will Brook. “The concept of love and respect is so important, you have got to vote yes!” concluded Martin Brook. The Brook family encourage all Australians to have their say
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