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Please expect longer delivery windows due to transport and staffing shortages
“It starts on the family farm…”

“It starts on the family farm…”

“It starts on the family farm…”

A simple sentence yet rich with meaning and it’s time we explore further the meaning of this with you.

Since foundation, Brookfarm’s mission in creating quality, nutritious products has always been complemented by its active role in sustainability, protecting the environment and engaging with communities.

Soon you’ll notice your favourite Brookfarm product will include a set of symbols on each pack. These symbols are fundamental to Brookfarm. They inform every decision made and each direction we take.

Environment. Community. Real Food.

As part of the Brookfarm family, we know these values will ring true with you. It’s one thing to claim these values are what we’re about, but it’s another to see first hand how we bring them to life.

We are first and foremost farmers. It’s from the Northern Rivers community we began and from here we have grown. We are passionate about supporting our community. This means contributing to and supporting rural and regional Australia by creating real jobs, opportunities and helping our local people.

It means being a part of Northern Rivers Food – a group, which sees established local businesses support and collaborate with emerging new players to collectively form a community passionate about showcasing the best produce from this region.

Founders, Martin and Pam Brook have always championed sustainability – it’s not simply a marketing addition to the company’s messaging. An authentic respect for the environment and a dedication to lessening the company’s environmental footprint forms the foundation of Brookfarm’s business practices.

“Sustainability is what we do,” says Pam. “It permeates through every facet of Brookfarm and has done since day one. It’s just the natural, logical way to do things if you care at all about the place we live.”

On the family farm in the Byron Bay hinterland, Brookfarm has regenerated rainforest, planting over 35,000 new rainforest and eucalyptus trees to create a haven for native wildlife. They use natural farming practices in their macadamia plantation and only source ingredients from farmers who employ sustainable farming practices.

Complementing these practices is a no food waste policy, the Byron Bay sunshine to power its Bakehouse, the design of the building, processes, right down to the way the floors are cleaned.

Acknowledging its sustainable ethos, Brookfarm has scooped several awards including the 2015 Premier’s Award for Environmental Excellence in the annual Green Globes awards, as well as taking out the Small Business Sustainability category.

As with many perishable food producers, packaging can be a challenge in ensuring freshness and shelf life whilst striving for sustainable options. Brookfarm packaging falls within the Recycle 7 category, which applies to any food packaging in sealed plastic printed bags, ensuring freshness and a 12-month shelf life – anything less would be considered food waste. We are working tirelessly with our packaging partners to look at food-safe compossible packaging technology and end of life packaging repurposing opportunities.

Brookfarm was born from a dream to move to the country and a passion for quality, healthy, real food. It’s ongoing commitment to sourcing ingredients from only sustainable farms, using only the best ingredients mean quality is never compromised.

With a focus on strong growth in the international export market particularly Asia Pacific, Brookfarm remains dedicated to its roots as an Australian brand, particularly the Northern Rivers of NSW and its rich soils in which they grow. It’s the unique qualities of the immediate environment – the sea, the sand and the lush hinterland – which allows Brookfarm to create real food products that people can eat every day.

“We are proud of the local families who have worked within our business over the past 20 odd years and the strong bond with the local community that Brookfarm has been able to foster over our journey,” says Pam.

“We still feel the same excitement as we did when we drove out the driveway all those years ago to start and bake our first batches of muesli to take to the markets,” Pam says.

And therein, lies the Brookfarm ethos.

Environment. Community. Real Food.


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