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Macadamia Jansenii Tree - Brookfarm

Macadamia Jansenii Tree

Brookfarm has recently been gifted a rare and endangered Macadamia Jansenii Tree by the Macadamia Conservation Trust, which was planted on our farm by co-founder Martin Brook, and son Eddie Brook, Byron Bay Distillery co-founder.

The Macadamia Jansenii is classified as endangered with only 60 individuals recorded from a single location in Bulburin National Park, Queensland. A bushfire or disease could result in the total population being lost, which is why a new location is so important for future breeding of the species. We are so honoured to have been chosen to plant the endangered Jansenii on our farm and looking forward to watching it grow - up to 8 meters!

The Macadamia Conservation Trust was formed in 2007 and is run by group of people dedicated to protecting wild macadamias. Their goal is to support and conserve Australian wild macadamia trees in their native habitat so they can continue to exist and flourish into the future. 

As you can imagine, the future of Australia's native macadamia trees is so important to us and while the Jansenii nuts are inedible, the future of this tree remains just as important.

As a native rainforest tree, this Jansenii has been planted at the bottom of our botanicals orchard, close to the entrance of Brookfarm's sub-tropical rainforest. To view this tree, tour the rainforest and learn all about our rainforest regeneration and the importance of protecting species like this, book a tour through Cape Byron Distillery.

Head over to our Instagram @_brookfarm_ to watch the videos Martin and Eddie planting the Macadamia Jansenii - you'll find them saved as our story highlights!

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