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Making Camping Comfortable... - Brookfarm

Making Camping Comfortable...

10 Tips for a Hassle Free Experience!

Camping season is well and truly upon us. You may be a festival camper, heading on a road trip with friends or a reluctant camper along for the ride. Whichever you are, camping can be challenging. But with some simple tips and a good attitude in appreciating what camping has to offer, it can be one of the most enjoyable ways to take some time out and have a break from the daily grind. Here are our top ten tips to ensure an enjoyable and hassle free experience.
  1. Test everything – That new tent? Put it up at least once before the real deal. Murphy’s law is if you haven’t tested it, it won’t work.
  2. Pack your car with the idea of “last in, first out.”
  3. Don’t overcomplicate the food – snack bars (we love Brookfarm Florentina's and Walkabouts), Toasted Mueslis, fruit, ice and PLENTY of water.
  4. Always throw in a hoodie.
  5. DON’T arrive late (unless you like the challenge of putting a tent up in the dark).
  6. Lights! Think headlamps, handheld torches as well as battery and solar powered lanterns and LED lighting.
  7. Allocate spaces such as a meal prep/eating space as well as a relaxing area with waterproof rugs, picnic blankets and cushions.
  8. To shower or not? Many camping grounds have great amenities but festival camping showers are somewhat scary. Give up the idea of showering and get acquainted with baby wipes – a festival camper’s best friend.
  9. There will be dirt. And sand. It will get in your tent. Take a dustpan and broom
  10. There will be noise. Take noise cancelling headphones and a good attitude. Consider your neighbours and if you want to continue the party, be respectful and find an area where you’re not going to annoy people.

Camping is an opportunity to live simply. It’s an opportunity to realise that all we really need are the bare essentials. It’s a chance to tap out and immerse yourself in nature. Chances are you’ll probably learn a few things about yourself too. Just don’t forget to pack your…. Favourite breakfast camping snacks!  


Photography by Nelly Le Comte

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