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Road to Recyclability - Breaking Down Plastic - Brookfarm

Road to Recyclability - Breaking Down Plastic

Our mission over the last few years has been to deliver Brookfarm products with the same level of freshness, in a fully recyclable pouch.

Brookfarm’s premium ingredients have always demanded a certain standard of packaging to protect them against light and air, and we have been scouring the planet and supporting advancing technology that would support this level of freshness, to offer a fully recyclable alternative.

Working with our packaging partner, OF (Omniverse Foster) we are excited to be testing some really innovative designs that would allow us to offer the freshness required (no one like rancid nuts!) whilst being Recycle 4, which can be returned to your local Council through your home recycle bins.

Brookfarm’s current packaging is in-fact Recycle 7, which harder to separate during the Recycling process, and the new design allows for a simple separation of plastics. Technology is an amazing thing!

We understand that these numbers might be confusing or a new concept to you, just as it was for us, so let’s explain a little bit…

These recyclability ratings tend to be found on the bottom or back of all products inside a small triangle of arrows – a common symbol for recycling. The number inside the triangles categorises the plastic into one of seven, each with their own process for recycling.

Recycle 4 is the category of LDPE, Low-Density Polyethylene plastic, which when broken down is a great resource to be further developed into extremely beneficial by-products. Amazing research has already proven that LDPE plastics can be converted into liquid diesel-grade fuel, as well as furniture, flooring, garbage cans and bubble wrap.

The potential for LDPE plastics to be continually repurposed and reused in society limits the amount of new resources that would usually need to be made from scratch to develop these products.

We are extremely excited by the innovation that will allow our packaging to also fall into this category and are proud of our ongoing commitment to both our consumers and the environment.

Thank you for joining us on our #BFRoadtorecyclability

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