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Road to Recyclability - Reflections of change - Brookfarm

Road to Recyclability - Reflections of change

Last Wednesday 5 June was World Environment Day, an annual initiative by the United Nations Environment Assembly to spread awareness and incite action to protect the environment.

Air Pollution was this year’s targeted focal point, with relevant events held globally and #BeatAirPollution trending on all social platforms. The movement aimed to educate on the main causes of air pollution, of which we can all claim some responsibility for – agriculture, household, industry, transport and waste.

According to data provided by the UN Environment air pollution is the “world’s single largest environmental health risk”. 1 in 9 deaths worldwide are caused by air pollution, as well as catastrophic ecological damage, including the melting of the polar ice caps.

At Brookfarm we are so proud to see many cities and some of our amazing industry colleagues acknowledging their responsibility to lessen their impact on air pollution. The Indian city of Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, launched an action plan this year for WED to combat air pollution as a major cause of their declining tourism industry. Even the smallest adjustments, when made on a global scale, can make great change.

That is why we have always made it our mission to tread lightly on the planet, spreading our sustainable ethos loud and clear so that both our customers and other businesses understand our commitment and may be inspired to follow suit.

We are committed to buying local wherever possible, massively reducing food miles and thus the pollution output due to transport. Not only does this practice help sustain a healthier environment by reducing the footprint of our products, but it also supports regional and local Australian economies, putting money in the pockets of deserving farmers, producers and their communities.

Every change makes an impact no matter how small – ride your bike instead of drive or shop at your local farmers market. We can all do our part for a healthier planet.

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