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Summer health tips with Chef Sam Gowing... - Brookfarm

Summer health tips with Chef Sam Gowing...

Food as Medicine Master Chef, Australia’s leading spa Chef & health guru...Sam Gowing....

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Sam for a number of years and have had some fabulous recipes prepared by Sam in our Brookfarm kitchen! Her wealth of knowledge in the well being, health food and food as medicine space is a deep well of information that we feel honoured to share with you. We asked Sammy a few questions about preparing your kitchen, shopping and eating tips for Summer! Enjoy! What are some basic tips for healthy eating for people wanting to make some simple changes, especially with Summer on its way? I tend to approach health and well being from a Chinese medicine perspective. The philosophy that all illnesses can be prevented if you constantly observe and maintain the balance of qi (vital energy) in your body. There is good qi and bad qi resulting from external influences - the weather, and from internal influences - our food. We tend to get drier internally in summer when the weather is hot and the body loses water through perspiration. To bring the body back to the right balance, you need to eat cool-food such as watermelon, citrus fruits or white turnips to counter the internal and external heat. If the imbalance is not rectified promptly, the body can develop a deficiency in protecting-qi and you become ill. Eating to counter the seasonal excesses is a very effective way in staying well. Choose fresh! What’s your favourite Summer ingredient? Mangos are hands down my favourite summer flavour. You can easily  buy yourself  a bargain by the  case and freeze the cheeks or pick up one at a time. That’s the sweet taste of summer goodness right there.  We'd love some advice! Shopping tips for the everyday pantry and kitchen? Eat wholefoods! A vital formula for dealing with ill health and maintaining wellness is eating an abundance of fresh, organic, whole foods.  e fewer preserved, processed and fragmented foods consumed, the more the body will thrive on the natural nutrient content in whole foods. In the Western world, we have become so accustomed to consuming preservative-rich produce that we have forgotten the taste of real food! Good news is that those sweet, full-flavoured, summer berries do have a distinctive taste and smell, so try and purchase chemical-free and in season. By producing crops at certain times of the year, when our bodies most need them, nature has intended us to eat seasonally: pumpkin and potatoes in the winter, berries and stone fruit in the summer. This summer, embrace sea vegetables like wakame, ogo nori, kombu and other kelp. These are all great to add to legumes while cooking, boosting nutrients in simmering sauces both vegan or Bolognese, and for extra zing to your salads and stir fries You published a book- The Healing Feeling – tell us a little about the book? My first book The Healing Feeling  was first published as an e-book in 2012 and then a paperback hard copy in October 2013. It represents my life work and passion for spreading the health and wellness word in a way that’s fun and accessible. Across 143 beautifully designed colour pages I share health-giving recipes and remedies, as well as engaging personal stories and extensive knowledge of nutrition and Chinese medicine. All done with trademark great humour and word play! Do you have morning ritual? Yoga or barre classes daily when home in Byron or lap swimming when travelling. Tell us your favourite Brookfarm product Lime & Chilli Infused Macadamia Oil CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LINK TO RECIPE! All photography @nelly_foto    
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