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The story behind creating better baby cereal - Brookfarm

The story behind creating better baby cereal

Why we created Bloom Baby Cereal

Written by Pam Brook

I’m the mother of two fabulous sons, Will and Eddie. I also have three gorgeous grandchildren, aged 7, 4 and 11 months. My mum was a great home cook and always encouraged adventurous eating, just as I do now with my family by creating food with taste, texture and flavour - “real food cooked right”.

Before Martin and I moved to Byron Bay to start Brookfarm, I lived in Melbourne. I had my own dental practice, treating children and families of all ages. Excess sugar intake was the biggest health problem I saw every day, but then I changed careers to start Brookfarm.

I’ve learnt so much more about nutrition, where our food comes from and how our everyday food choices make a difference to our health and the environment. Choosing food grown from regenerative farms, preferably pesticide free or organic, means you’re choosing produce from farmers who are creating healthier soils when they farm and producing food grown with better nutritional values.


So why a baby cereal?

Well, it looks like there’s lots of choice on the grocery shelves, but most children's cereals are “free from” - Often it’s more about what's left out, rather than the essential nutrition our children need.

Have you ever eaten a baby cereal? I tried them all and what was missing was “real food made right”. At 6 months of age, babies are experiencing solids for the first time, with new flavours and textures. While food for your baby should not be strongly flavoured, salty or spicy, that is no reason for them to eat food that is tasteless.

Together with Will (our oldest son, who now heads up Brookfarm), I spent over two years researching children’s food and nutrition - going to all of the CSIRO talks, reading in detail the latest research, plus studying what influences children’s food choices and most importantly tasting what they eat.

We also learnt about children’s food allergies. Over the past twenty years there has been a huge rise in the number of children with food allergies. In many countries, up to one in ten children are likely to develop food allergies. The allergy experts around the world now recommend that deliberate introduction of the common food allergens at an early age may prevent the development of food allergies. A great website to learn more about this is Nip Allergies in the Bub, which takes you through how to introduce the common food allergens to your baby from 6 months.


All of this has led to the birth of Bloom.

Created first in my kitchen at home, Bloom cereal is real food ground fine but definitely not overly processed.

For Bloom with banana we chose six organic ingredients based on their taste and nutritional value – millet which is a lovely soothing cereal, protein rich amaranth and organic rice with organic rice bran for extra fibre. Babies love foods with a slightly fatty mouth feel so just a touch of macadamias and almonds adds good fats and is an ideal way to make these nuts part of your baby’s everyday diet. Plus banana to add that touch of fresh fruit sweetness.

Bloom Organic Baby Cereal has complexity of flavours and just enough texture to help your child start their food adventure. Like making a meal at home, when serving Bloom to your baby feel, we encourage you to add something extra like pureed banana and a dollop of full fat yoghurt. As your baby’s taste becomes more adventurous, so too can the toppings.

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