Roll ‘N’ Recycle – Innovation in Recycling

In our quest to find balance between providing the freshest cereals to our customers and having the softest touch possible to our earth, Brookfarm has been working with our packaging partner OF Packaging to launch a world-first kerbside recyclable soft plastic pouch.

Up until now, customers have to return soft plastics to designated stores. However, a clever little Aussie, Anthony Peyton from PREP Design, has been beavering away to find a solution to process soft plastic packaging through existing kerbside recycling infrastructure.

The Roll ’N’ Recycle idea is simple, but it needs the buy in from recycling plants, councils, packaging manufacturers and industry. Put simply, it turns ‘two dimensional’ packaging into a ‘3 dimensional’ shape, allowing it to be sorted correctly at the recycling facility.

Having worked with alongside OF Packaging for over two years on this innovation, Brookfarm is proud to be first business to trial this new innovation, where customers will be able to ‘roll up’ their flexible packaging before placing it into their home recycling bin for collection, with a secure tape fixture that is part of the pouch.

How it works:

Roll N Recycle Step 1

1. Buy products marked with Roll ‘N’ Recycle.

Roll N Recycle Step 2

2. Once packaging is empty, roll as shown until you finish with a cylinder in the shape of a “9” or “6”.

Roll N Recycle Step 3

3. Lift and peel the supplied sticker and stick firmly where indicated to ensure the shape “9” or “6” is maintained in your recycle bin and the recycling collection journey.

Roll N Recycle Step 4

4. Place the rolled packaging into your home Recycling Bin.

Roll N Recycle Step 5

5. Voila! Your soft plastic packaging will now be sorted and recycled correctly.

With all natural ingredients, Brookfarm’s premium products require a high barrier in regard to oxygen and water transfer to keep them fresh. In the past, this has been achieved through a complex lamination, however with new innovation in the packaging industry, Brookfarm has been able to move to a sophisticated mono polymer – a fully recyclable pack (Recycle 4 LDPE).

Brookfarm CEO Will Brook was delighted to be first to market with this innovation and support the evolution of sustainable packaging production.

“With the environment at Brookfarm’s core, this innovation in kerbside recycling of soft plastics is a significant step forward for us and the industry as a whole,” reflected Brook.

“It’s paramount that we deliver the freshest cereals to our customers, and in technical speak – this is about light and oxygen transfer – and this solution not only allows us to fulfil our customer promise but deliver our premium cereals in a fully recyclable pouch.”

Brookfarm will first roll the “Roll ‘N’ Recycle” program out in March 2021 on its popular 1.5kg Toasted Macadamia Muesli with Cranberry. The pouches will have a green “Roll ‘N’ Recycle” logo on the front and instructions on how to “Roll ‘N’ Recycle” on the back of the pouch. After what we’re expecting to be a very successful roll out, Brookfarm and OF Packaging will finalise their submissions to relevant authorities to have Roll ‘N’ Recycle recognised as a national recycling program – and we will aim to roll this out across all Brookfarm products.

So, look out for Brookfarm’s “Roll ‘N’ Recycle” pouch in-store or online, and help us make history by changing the recycling of household soft plastics – forever.

Roll N Recycle Packaging

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