Q. Why do you have macadamias in all of your products?

A. Because we love, love, love them!!!  And they are quite the wonder nut – look at how fabulous they are.

  • Macadamia nuts have a sweet taste and are rich source of energy.
  • 100 g of nuts provide about 718 calorie/100 g, which is one of the highest calorific values among nuts.
  • 100 g of macadamia provides 8.6 g or 23% of daily-recommended levels of dietary fiber.
  • The nuts carry no cholesterol.
  • Maccas are gluten free
  • Maccas are the Arnie Schwarzenegger of the nut world. You need 300lbs per square inch to crack their shells. Hard core indeed!
Q. Do you guys really hand make all of your products?

A. We sure do! We have a fantastic bakehouse right here in Byron Bay and our 40 or so people blend, mix, toast and toss your muesli or granola or bars or nut mixes each and every day.  We do have a machine that helps our folks put everything in our gorgeous packs for you but other than that – it’s all hands on deck!  Sometimes we have to move crowds on who gather to just breathe in the delicious scent of toasting muesli! Maybe we should bottle it…

Q. I don’t live near any shops but I need Brookfarm muesli in my life – what can I do?

A. Fear not – we have got you covered! Simply click on the Let’s Shop button on the website and lo and behold you can buy away to your hearts content on our very own Online Store.

Q. Why does your muesli taste sooooo good?

A. We make it like this so you have to keep coming back for more!

But seriously – it’s all about the ingredients. Top notch, only the best, we shall never compromise, second best doesn’t work for us….this is what makes Brookfarm so darn delicious!  Have a peek at any of the products on the Online Shop and then click on the Ingredients tab and you can see exactly what goes into making our muesli or nut mixes or porrijs’ or whatever too moreish for words!

Q. I’m confused! You say you don’t add sugar to some of your products..but there is sugar on the Nutritional Information panel? What’s going on?

A. Ahhhh yes…this old chestnut! OK…the products we have which contain fruit, the Natural Muesli with Apples & Apricots as an example, do contain sugar. From the fruit itself. We don’t put any more in at all, however Mother Nature won’t be told and she has made fruit with natural occurring sugar. That’s the sugar you’re seeing on the Nutritional Panel.

Where we added have a sprinkling of sugar – say the Natural Muesli with Cranberry – the sugar we use is Coconut Sugar. Why you ask? Let us put on our lab coats and get ‘scientiffy’ for a moment. Coconut sugar is actually better for you in that it has a lower glycemic index (35) than white sugar (60 to 65), meaning it doesn’t spike your blood glucose and insulin like table sugar does.


Also coconut sugar is a sustainable crop. The majority of the world’s coconut palm trees aren’t being used for either coconut or sap production. They’re already present and waiting to be harvested, and harvesting (whether for coconuts or sap) doesn’t harm the tree or the environment in the least.

Double cool.

Q. Errrr… what can I actually do with Macadamia Oil?

A. Are you sitting down? Got a pen?

Here goes:

Our WOW factor oils are some of the most versatile & healthy oils on the face of the Earth – no kidding!  They are cholesterol & trans fat free, have the ideal ratio of Omega 3: Omega 6  (1:1) and are a cracking source of healthy  monosaturates –  84%!

You can use these natural or infused wonders in a bottle as you would olive oil

  • Stir fries
  • Sautes
  • Salad dressings
  • Sauces
  • Pestos
  • Marinades
  • Baking sweet or savoury delights
  • Toss your seasonal roast vegetables with them
  • The list goes on and on and on…but we think you get the idea.

Pop onto the Recipes tab on the website and prepare to have your mind blown!

Q. I want to come pay you a visit – can I rock up to say hello?

A. As much as we love to be able to show you around the place, sell you some nibbles and generally shoot the breeze – alas it cannot be so at this point in time.

We bake and create our ‘fabulousness in a pack’ here but we don’t have the facilities to showcase the wonders of the bakehouse or to actually ask you to part with your cash for products.  Not to say we won’t welcome you with open arms in the near future – but just not quite yet.

Q. My local shop doesn’t stock my fave Brookfarm product. Should I move house?

A. Don’t call the real estate agent quite yet.  Best you call us first and tell you what we’ll do..we’ll call your local shop for you, have a bit of a chat and see if we can’t make your tastebuds dreams come true!

Just a little word on the side though…you won’t find us in Coles or Woolies as we’re all about showing the love for the independent supermarkets, grocers and deli’s.

Jump on the blower to us – 02 6620 9500.

Q. Why didn’t anyone at Brookfarm notice you have spelt Porridge incorrectly?

A. Good question! You know what? We figured our PORRIJ is so outstanding that it deserved to stand out on the shelf from all the others – just as it does in the bowl. Thus PORRIJ was born.  Simple.

Q. I shopped like a mad thing on your Online Store and now I’m hassling the postman every day…when will my order get here? I NEED TO KNOW! And so does my postie.

A. Take a deep breath – your Brookfarm order is winging it’s way to you, from Byron Bay, the working day after you order it. Except if your order on a Friday or a Saturday  – then we bundle it up on the Monday for you.  Now depending on where you live depends on how long you’ll be chomping at the bit:

NSW: 2-3 days
VIC:   3-4 days
QLD:  2-5 days
SA:    5-7 days
WA:   7+ days
TAS:  5-7 days
ACT: 2-5 days

All based on working days

Q. I’m allergic to different bits and pieces – how do I deal?

A. It is a horrible thing indeed to be allergic to different stuff…and really we’re all about you loving food not ending up in Emergency because of it! So flip the pack you’re holding over, have a look under the Ingredients section  – can see a section called ALLERGENS? Yep, that’s it..that’s where we point anything that might not make you  or  your stomach very happy.  If there’s nothing written there…there’s nothing there that we know of that is an allergen.

Q. I’ve seen your stuff online and I’m racing to my local shop to get some..but wait! I’m Gluten Intolerant..what to do? What to do?

A. Steady on my gluten intolerant friend – taaaaa daaaa Brookfarm to the rescue! Not only do we have a cracking range of gluten free products – we have made it really really easy to spot…our muesli is called GLUTEN FREE Muesli – Apple  Apricot or GLUTEN FREE Muesli – Cranberry Macadamia. You see what we did there?! Our Walkabout mixes, Brothers Blend and a rather natty little Gluten Free muesli bar, plus Paleo Powerfood are all..you guessed it…GLUTEN FREE!

Q. So I’m reading about sulphites and preservative 220 in your apricot and apple mueslis – say what?

A. It is indeed true, but only in our mueslis that use apricot and the apricot is all Australian. But let us explain…our Australian suppliers use a smidgen of Sulphite(preservative220- you find it in many wines) to keep the delish tart  little pieces of Australian apricot the lovely golden orange colour you know and love…without this they become hardened & dark.

Q. I don’t particularly want to share my Brookfarm stash – but the kids keep clamouring to try..can they chow down with me safely?

A. Yesss..it ‘s hard to munch muesli quietly whilst hiding isn’t it? And I’m sorry we can’t help much here…’cause as long as you’re aware there are pieces of nuts in nearly all the products then we make  – chew, chew, chew – then you’re going to have to share the spoils. C’mon now – sharing is caring they say.

Paleo Keto Granola

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