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Roll 'N' Recycle FAQs

What are the Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches made from?
Our Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches are made from a single plastic material called a mono polymer. This is food safe and BPA free and meets the APCO 2025 targets and CEFLEX European standards for monopoliser films.
What happens after I put the Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches in the kerbside recycling bin?

The Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches will be collected and taken to your nearest material recycling facility, along with the rest of the contents of your kerbside recycling bin. If a council accepts LDPE in rigid containers (such as squeezy sauce bottles or personal care packaging) then Roll 'N' Recycle pouches should be accepted.

The material will be sorted and separated into the different types of recyclable material. The recyclable plastic material will be transported to a plastics recycling facility in Australia and processed into pellets, which can be used by recycled plastics manufacturers to make other products like garden beds and garden edging. Learn more about how it works.

OF Packaging is available to work with councils who would like further tests or trials.

Are all the parts of the Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches recyclable?
Yes. All parts of the Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches are recyclable through the mixed plastics stream (coloured HDPE), including the zipper closure, adhesive sticker and barrier protection. The barrier protection is made from Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) which is embedded into the pouch material and plays an important role in protecting food from oxygen and moisture.
How is Roll ‘N’ Recycle different from REDCycle?
REDCycle was a soft plastics collection program where people could take soft plastics to collection points, usually located near supermarkets. The soft plastic was then processed and recycled by REDCycle’s recycling partners. In November 2022, REDCycle paused the collection program because the recycling partners were no longer able to accept and process the rapidly increasing volume of soft plastics for a range of reasons. Roll ‘N’ Recycle is different because it can be sorted correctly through standard material recycling facilities that already exist – just like rigid plastics. Roll ‘N’ Recycle items can simply be put in kerbside recycling bins, so it’s much more convenient for people at home.
Can Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches be accepted by all Council recycling facilities in Australia?

Our Roll 'N' Recycle pouches are made from a Plastic Identification Code 4 LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) type of material. This plastic code usually can’t be sorted at standard material recycling facilities as most are soft plastics in a flat format, which get stuck and damage sorting machines. But when Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches are rolled up and secured with the sticker, it turns it into a “rigid plastic” like a plastic bottle and can be easily sorted at standard recycling facilities.

It’s a fantastic solution that makes LDPE recyclable. That’s why it can go in your kerbside recycling bin. If your council accepts LDPE in rigid containers (such as squeezy sauce bottles or personal care packaging, then Roll 'N' Recycle should be accepted.

OF Packaging is available to work with councils who would like further tests or trials.

My Council says they don't accept Roll 'N' Recycle?
Because Roll 'N' Recycle is a new program and not yet part of the national recycling scheme, some councils might not yet know entirely about the concept and can confuse Roll 'N' Recycle pouches with standard soft plastics packaging - which isn't kerbside recyclable.

OF Packaging is happy to work with any councils who would like further tests or trials via info@ofpack.com.au or +61 03 9021 0490.

Who created Roll ‘N’ Recycle?
Roll ‘N’ Recycle was originally invented by Australian Anthony Peyton from PREP Design. We’re proud to use an Australian invention. A collaborative effort, with PREP Design and our packaging partner O F Packaging - and more than 2 years of research and testing, we launched a world-first trial of a Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouch. Following overwhelming positive feedback, we made the decision to roll out Roll 'N' Recycle pouches to all our 24 breakfast products.
Why can’t Brookfarm use paper packaging?
Paper and cardboard packaging isn’t suitable for products like muesli and granola as they need high barrier packaging. Our Roll ‘N’ Recycle high barrier packaging prevents spoilage from water, oxygen, light and other elements that impact taste, quality, freshness and food safety. Learn more about the secret to keeping muesli fresh.
What happens if I put Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches in the wrong kerbside bin?
If you put your Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches in the wrong kerbside bin, they won’t be recycled. They will end up in landfill or contaminate food and organics material which is used to make commercial compost. It’s important to put your Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches in the right bin. And the great thing is that it’s so easy to do.
Can other brands use Roll ‘N’ Recycle?
Absolutely. Since we launched the Roll ‘n’ Recycle packaging, several other brands in Australia have replaced their packaging, including within the pet food, domestic and snack food markets. We look forward to seeing more and more brands convert to sustainable packaging. To find out more you can contact O F Packaging and read more about other businesses using Roll ‘N’ Recycle.
What has been the feedback from customers?
The feedback has been extremely positive. The quality of our muesli and granola is still as fresh as ever. Our customers appreciate how easy the pouches are to recycle and are happy to be helping our environment through their choices.
How can I support plastic recycling?
To support this initiative, you can purchase our Roll ‘N’ Recycle products other businesses using Roll ‘N’ Recycle.online. If you’re a retailer, you can contact us through our wholesale enquiries. If you’re a business interested in finding out more about using Roll ‘N’ Recycle or developing recyclable packaging solutions, you can contact O F Packaging and learn more about our packaging partnership in this video.

Rewards FAQs

How do I join?
It's easy to get started, simply create an Order account here: https://brookfarm.com.au/account/register. Sign in to your Rewards dashboard by the Rewards button in the bottom left of the website.
When do my points start to accrue?
Rewards points accrue from the date your rewards account is activated. Orders placed before this time will not accrue points. Points are accrued in 500 point increments. 500 points must be accrued before your first reward can be redeemed.
When do my points expire?
They have no expiry date. Your points are all yours until you choose to use them.
Can I refer my friends?
Absolutely! Once you are part of Brookfarm Rewards and have logged in, you can access your unique referral link in your dashboard. Simply send this link to your friends (must be a new Brookfarm customer) and you will both receive $10 off your order.
Your unique voucher will be emailed to you once your friend has redeemed theirs.
How do I view, earn and redeem my points?
To access your Rewards program, click on the Brookfarm Rewards gift icon at the bottom left of the website. Alternatively, you can click here to launch the popup and sign up or log in. Once logged in to your account, you can see your points balance, find more ways to earn, redeem points for an order discount, and refer your friends.

General FAQs

Where can I find your products in store?

We love to support the independents and locals like IGAs, SPARs, Harris Farm, health and wellness, grocers, cafes, bulk stores and so on. All our stockists can be found HERE

We have free shipping for all orders over $70, Australia-wide and our products carry a year expiry date so don't be afraid to stock up if you can't find what you're looking for in store.

Thank you for championing local businesses together with us.

Where can I find the Granohlaah or Essentials range?
Our Granohlaah and Essentials range are exclusive to Costco, and can be purchased at Costcos around Australia.
Is there additional sugar in your products?

Brookfarm strives to create great tasting real food and our focus is on all natural ingredients. We are proud to create food which is not only delicious, but nutritious as well.

We do not add refined sugar to our products. We use ingredients like dried fruit like cranberries, cherries, blueberries, sultanas, and currants, and Australian bush honey, maple syrup, golden syrup etc to add sweetness.

Our sourced dried cranberries, cherries and blueberries contain a small amount of added sugar and oil (less than 1% of the fruit), which keeps them soft, plump and reduces the tendency of fruit sticking together.

The Ingredients and Nutritional Information for all our products can be found on our website, to check individual dietary requirements.

We also have low sugar options and fruit free options

Is your gluten free range suitable for coeliacs?

Our gluten free products contain no wheat, oats, rye, barley or detectable gluten. Such products are generally considered to be suitable for coeliacs. We have strict allergen control procedures in place to ensure our gluten free products remain gluten free, and do not contain any traces of gluten.

Our gluten free products comply with the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) requirement for gluten free products.

Are there peanuts in your products?
All our products are peanut free, and our sites are peanut free. We take great care to ensure our ingredients are peanut free and do not contain any allergens that are not declared on our packs. Many of our products do contain tree nuts - macadamias, hazelnuts, pecans, almonds, pistachios, etc.
Are your products kosher?
All our products are kosher, certified by Kosher Australia.
Are your products non-GMO?
All our products are certified non-GMO, by Cert ID.
Do you offer farm tours?

The Brook family farm opens once a year for farm tours during the Northern Rivers Harvest Food Trail approx. May every year. Check for details HERE

Cape Byron Distillery is part of the Brook family farm with their famous Brookies Gin. Visit where Brookfarm began, and to check out the rainforest and gin tasting experiences or just enjoy the view of the macadamia orchards from the distillery deck while sipping on a gin and pick up some Brookfarm products head to Cape Byron Distillery

Can I work at Brookfarm?
All our current career opportunities can be found HERE. The Brook family farm is currently a private farm. We do not offer farm work at this time.