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Saving Rainforests – A New Approach

Saving Rainforests – A New Approach

At Brookfarm we are passionate about rainforest and biodiversity protection. Over 35 years ago we took action to regenerate a tiny remnant of Big Scrub rainforest on the family macadamia farm.​​​​​​ Now it is a thriving habitat for native wildlife.

The majestic Big Scrub was one of the largest rainforests in eastern Australia, but by 1900 a staggering 99% of the Big Scrub expanse had been cleared.


We proudly support the Big Scrub Rainforest Conservancy, who are using world-leading scientific approaches to save critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforests in Australia. Martin Brook, co-founder of Brookfarm, is the Vice President of the Conservancy and is closely involved in this world first project.

Science Saving Rainforests
Big Scrub Rainforest Conservancy has joined forces with Australia’s leading rainforest geneticists including Prof. Maurizio Rossetto at the Research Centre for Ecosystem Resilience, Botanic Gardens of Sydney, Mark Dunphy of Firewheel Rainforest Nursery and foremost rainforest evolutionary and field ecologist, Dr Rob Kooyman.


Together they are working to restore the genetic diversity of key Big Scrub tree species to avoid inbreeding and future proof them from emerging threats, such as disease, pests and climate change. For many key species, only a single tree remains in each rainforest remnant, making healthy reproduction impossible. Unless something is done, they are at risk of extinction.

Science Saving Rainforests Program has analysed the genomes of 60 species based on DNA sequencing of over 10,000 leaf samples. This data will inform the establishment of a new living seed bank plantation in the hinterland of Byron Bay.


The Conservancy Co-Founder, Dr. Tony Parkes (AO), is calling on the community to support the project:
“I’ve spent 35 years committed to saving the subtropical rainforests of Australia. Science Saving Rainforests is our most important piece of work yet.”


An Incredible New Home
A beautiful 38-acre property in McLeans Ridges will be the headquarters for the project to produce seed and planting stock with optimal genetic diversity for rainforest restoration and distribution throughout remaining remnants. Reintroducing genetic diversity lost through generations of fragmentation and isolation will help to avoid the extinction of our critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest.


Your help is urgently needed to fund this vitally important plantation site and save incredible species, like rainforest plums, tamarinds, quandongs, the Coolamon, Firewheel and many others which are under threat. They’re the building blocks of the Big Scrub habitat, which so many rare and threatened fauna rely upon for survival.

Without your support the Big Scrub rainforest, and other subtropical rainforests, will continue to slowly fade away. It’s time for action.

Support a world first for rainforest restoration

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