“It starts on the family farm…”™



Kickstart your day…

with a healthy, delicious breakfast. Choose from our award winning macadamia muesli, NEW crunchy granolas, gluten free bircher or hearty porridges.


macadamia oil cooking

Get creative in the kitchen…

A splash of macadamia oil, a sprinkle of crushed nuts, or a delicious way to jazz up your muesli… Brookfarm has all the right ingredients for creating memorable meals.


Macadamia snacks

Nibbling doesn’t have to be naughty…

Brookfarms’ array of healthy, satisfying premium nut & exotic fruits blends and scrumptious muesli bars are bursting with flavour and goodness… guaranteed to delight!

Brookfarm is all about passion…

…passion for food, passion for quality, passion for top notch ingredients. We strongly believe and adhere to the philosophy of ‘slow food’. It tastes better, is better for you and certainly helps bring out the beautiful flavours our macadamia products are famous for… whether that be our Toasted Muesli with cranberries, our premium Macadamia Oil or one of our irresistible Walkabout mixes. We love what we do… hope you do too!


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