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Farming the way nature intended.

We're doing everything in our power to protect our natural environment and, for us, it starts on the family farm... Regenerative agriculture is the key to less pollution, more biodiversity and rebuilding homes for wildlife.

Healthy creek bed in a regenerated sub tropical rainforest on the northern rivers of NSW, Australia.

We've been working sustainably since day one.

Pam and Martin Brook, the founders of Brookfarm, have proved that a commercial farming operation can coexist with nature from day one. It is possible to implement critical regenerative agriculture that works with nature, not against it.

Brookfarm Farm Then and Now Image

The farm has become a biodiverse ecosystem while operating a commercial macadamia operation through regenerative agriculture. Brookfarm is home to native insects and bees, platypus, owls, koalas, turtles, water dragons, snakes, rare sugar gliders etc.

Using nature based solutions

We seek out nature based solutions to improve the taste and quality of our produce. Regenerative agriculture allows us to implement a method of farming principles and techniques that pursue land and soil rehabilitation while strengthening the entire ecosystem of the farm. Here's some examples of our regenerative agriculture in action:
  • After regenerating sub-tropical rainforest several breeding owls returned to the farm. Each pair of owls can consume up to 1,200 rats and mice per year keeping our farm bait free.
  • We use wasps (trichogramma wasps) to manage the population of Nut Borer, an invasive bug that eats macadamia nuts, eradicating the need for Nut Borer pesticides.
  • In order to do our bit in slowing climate change, it starts on the family farm… Our soil is up to 60% more effective in capturing carbon because of regenerative agriculture practices.

From then to now

Scroll down to see Brookfarm’s regeneration progress since 1990.

Brookfarm Farm in 1990

Brookfarm Farm in 1994

Brookfarm Farm in 1996

Brookfarm Farm in 1998

Brookfarm Farm in 2008

Brookfarm Rainforest in 2015

Cape Byron Distillery on Brookfarm Farm in 2020


Brookfarm Farm and Family Photos

Brookfarm Farm and Family Photos