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Chia Breakfast Bowl


10 mins + setting time





Accompanied by a moorish chia pudding, the harmony between the crunchiness from the muesli and the silkiness of the pudding is just magical! Topped with an array of fresh berries and kiwis - an exceptional sources of Vitamin C.
Chia Breakfast Bowl
Packed with goodness


1 cup of Gluten Free Macadamia Muesli with Cranberry

3/4 - 1 cups of mixed fruit (berries, kiwis)

Flaked coconut & pepitas to garnish

Chia pudding

1 cup of plant-based milk

4 tbsp of chia seeds

1 tbsp of orange juice (optional)

1-2 tbsp of maple syrup

2 tbsp of shredded coconut


  • Grab a jam jar and thoroughly mix all the ingredients for the chia pudding. Pop into the fridge for a couple of hours (or overnight if prepping the night before) to thicken and become pudding-like.
  • Add the muesli to one side of your bowl and the chia pudding to the other.
  • Arrange fruit on top and garnish with pepitas and coconut.