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Faces We Love ....5 mins with Brooke Clunie - Brookfarm

Faces We Love ....5 mins with Brooke Clunie

"If you play by the rules, you'll miss all the fun ..."


Byron Bay


We used Brooke's ceramics on our latest campaign shoot for winter with Chef Sam Gowing and renowned food photographer Nelly Le Comte


Meet Brooke Clunie from Red Door Studio

Tell us what started your love of pottery?

It all began at high school and I was fortunate enough to have a teacher who embraced my drive and enthusiasm. I was completely determined to make a pot on the wheel.

What inspires you?

 Inspiration for my work can come from all directions but natures beauty always gives room for contemplation, in turn creation. I also carry a visual diary with me everywhere

Coffee or Tea?

Both – definitely, an espresso in the morning…then green tea throughout the day.

Do you have a morning ritual?

Movement - Swimming or run in the hills.

What does the Australian landscape mean to you?


Smart or casual? When are you most comfortable?

Casual. Jeans and tee shirt

How many years have you been making pottery? 25 years in business Sunrise or sunset?  Sunrise Favourite Brookfarm product? Toasted Macadamia Muesli ☺️    

Where can you find Brooke?

Instagram: @brookeclunie


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