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Our Ingredients: Showcasing Australian Apricots

Our Ingredients: Showcasing Australian Apricots

We hold a deep affection for our Australian apricot, being the first flavour of our muesli, created in Pam Brook's kitchen for the Bangalow Markets stall, over 20 years ago!

Toasted Apricot Muesli Brookfarm Made in Australia

Check out how our Australian apricots are sourced, grown, harvested and dried under the Aussie sunshine.

Apricot trees are generally considered sustainable, being well-suited to Australia’s climate, and thrive in harsh, limestone soil.

Australian Apricots Brookfarm Sustainably grown

There are several varieties of apricots that are grown for harvest. The majority of the varieties are the popular Hunter, Mystery and Moorpark, along with newer varieties such as Rivercot2, Rivercot3, Rivercot5, Rivercot6 and Rivercot8.

Chosen for their high fruit sugar levels and delicious flavour, these varieties deliver intensely flavoured fruit without the need for additional enhancers.

Australian Apricots Brookfarm Muesli Granola Made in Australia. Supporting Australian grown

Australian apricots are typically harvested in early summer, from mid-November to mid-January.

Handpicked from the trees, the fruit is collected as it ripens. As the fruit matures at different rates, the trees are picked over multiple times to ensure only the fully ripe fruit is selected. There can be up to 60 staff involved on a daily basis during harvest time in the apricot orchards. 

The apricots are machine cut in half and the kernels are removed, then the apricots are placed on drying trays in a single layer, and placed out to dry naturally in the sun.

 Naturally dried in the sun Australian Apricots by Australian Farmers Brookfarm

Australian Apricots by Australian Farmers Brookfarm Muesli Granola Made in Australia

Beyond their delicious taste, apricots offer a plethora of health benefits. Packed with essential vitamins such as A, B1, B2 and C, along with minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron, these golden fruits are full of nutrition.

This traditional and natural drying process concentrates the sweet apricot flavour, while retaining much of their nutritional value.

Australian Apricots by Australian Farmers Brookfarm Muesli and Granola 

We are committed to Australian farmers, and sourcing premium local ingredients, where possible. By prioritising Australian apricots, we can support the sustainability of Australian farmers and the fruit growing communities.  

Australian Apricots by Brookfarm

Incorporating only the highest quality, nutritious ingredients in our mueslis and granolas, we are simplifying breakfast decisions, to provide a moment of indulgence and relaxation in today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

Australian Natural Muesli by Brookfarm Australian Made Apricots

You can find Australian apricots in our Macadamia Apple Apricot Toasted, Natural or Gluten Free Muesli here.

Australian Apricots by Brookfarm Australian Made and Owned Muesli and Granola


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