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Roll ‘N’ Recycle Packaging

World-first home recyclable packaging.

Recycling the Brookfarm Roll 'N' Recycle pack in home recycle bin.

World-first sustainable soft packaging solution

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Brookfarm. Since the very beginning we’ve always been looking to the future to find better solutions to reduce our impact on the environment, while maintaining the highest quality and freshness of our premium food products.

That’s why we’ve invested in a world-first packaging solution that is revolutionising the way we recycle soft plastics. With our Roll ‘N’ Recycle packaging, you can simply roll up the pouch, secure it with a recyclable sticker and pop it in your kerbside recycling bin.

A recycling solution you can do at home

We know many of our customers are concerned about the plastic problem and our environment. Recycling is a good solution, but traditional soft plastics are difficult to recycle for a number of reasons.

They’re often made from multiple layers of plastic which means the material is difficult to extract and process for recycling. 

So we’ve created a sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise on maintaining the quality and freshness of our premium nuts, seeds and fruits.

After more than 2 years of research and testing

In collaboration with our packaging partner O F Packaging, we launched a world-first trial of a new Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouch which can be recycled at home through kerbside recycling bins. We first tested this pouch with our 1.5kg bags of Toasted Muesli over a period of 12 months.

Following overwhelming positive feedback, in mid-2022 we made the decision to roll out these home recyclable pouches to all our 24 breakfast products.

How is Roll ‘N’ Recycle different?

The Roll ‘N’ Recycle pouches are made from a sophisticated single layer of soft plastic which is firm but flexible. Because it’s made of one layer of plastic, rather than layers of different kinds of plastic, it can be recycled more easily. 

When you roll it up and secure it with a sticker (which is also made of the same mono plastic), it changes the soft plastic to a rigid three-dimensional shape. So, it can be recycled the same way as rigid plastics like plastic bottles, for example. 

This means you can put it in your kerbside recycling bin, and it can be sorted at standard recycling facilities that accept rigid LDPEs. We recommend checking this with your local council if you are not sure.

If a council accepts LDPE in rigid containers (such as squeezy sauce bottles or personal care packaging) then Roll 'N' Recycle pouches should be accepted. OF Packaging is available to work with councils who would like further tests or trials.

Recyclables from kerbside recycling bins are sorted into material streams at the material recycling facility (MRFs). Mixed plastics are sent to plastic recycling facilities (PRFs). This material is then be sorted, cleaned, processed into pellets and used to make recycled products like garden beds and garden edging. This process closes the loop and turns what would otherwise be a waste product into a useful manufacturing resource. 

How to recycle:

Award-winning innovation

We’ve won numerous international and national awards for our Roll ‘N’ Recycle sustainable packaging, including:

  • a Diamond award at the prestigious Dow Packaging Innovation Awards
  • a World Star Global Packaging Award 
  • 2 Gold awards at the Australasian Packaging Innovation and Design Awards.

Watch our Road to Recyclability

What’s next in our Road to Recyclability?

This exciting solution also has the potential to transform soft plastics recycling across Australia. We’re working closely with our packaging partner to encourage the recycling industry and government to support the widespread rollout of Roll ‘N’ Recycle. 

As part of our Road to Recyclability, we’re also investigating a recyclable packaging solution for our sachets.

Help us drive positive change for the environment

At Brookfarm, we really care about the environment. And we know you do too. When you choose products with the Roll ‘N’ Recycle label, you can play a part in recycling in Australia. Just look for the bright green Roll 'N' Recycle icon on the front of the packaging or a bright green removable adhesive sticker on the back. 

Each Roll ‘N’ Recycle product that you buy increases the demand for more sustainable packaging solutions across Australia.