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The Secret to Keeping Muesli Fresh

We pack uncooked grains and oats into paper bags and cardboard boxes. Why can't we do the same for toasted muesli and granola products?

Our packaging partner, O F Packaging - industry leader in innovation and sustainable packaging solutions, explains why. 

Why do products, such as muesli and granola, use high barrier packaging?

High barrier packaging prevents the permeation of water, water vapour, oil, oxygen and other elements potentially affect the products quality or taste. 

While plain, uncooked grains and oats have a decent shelf life without needing this protection, toasted products like Toasted Macadamia Muesli with Cranberry require greater fortification. This keeps the product fresh and safe for consumption!

This is why you see a lot of muesli and granola products housed in more complicated packaging materials.

Toasted Muesli Macadamia Cranberry by Brookfarm

Protection from oxygen and moisture

The main factors that cause many foods to deteriorate or go stale are oxygen and moisture. The same thing happens when you leave food uncovered on the bench.

How does oxygen and moisture affect food?

Oxygen and moisture (or water vapour) can penetrate packaging even when sealed shut. Tiny molecules slowly pass through the materials the packaging over time impacting the muesli or granola flavour, aroma, crunch, and texture. This is a  natural chemical process.

How does packaging help protect from oxygen and moisture?

Packaging creates a barrier from oxygen and moisture by using different plastic types. These plastics are layered and work together to form a good ‘shield.' 

Metalised Polyester [PET] is one of the most popular barrier films used on the market, which you may recognise with the silver foil material. This barrier provides the best protection against oxygen and moisture due to its tight molecule structure.

The paper thin film nearly provides the same level of protection as foil but with greater functionality making it a suitable type of packaging for muesli and granola products.

Loose muesli and granola products have the best possible shelf life when using metalised films in shelf ready packaging. Common shelf ready packaging include bags, pouches, and single-serve formats like muesli bar wrappers.

Toasted Muesli Macadamia Cranberry Fresh Brookfarm

Protecting from natural oils

Natural oils are in most natural food products, especially those with high fat-content. While these oils provide great nutrition and are needed in our diets they can be a packaging challenge.

Using the the best high barrier packaging materials ensures that we're keeping the quality the same. 

What about sustainable packaging?

The environmental impact of packaging should not be ignored, ever.

Partnering with O F Packaging, Brookfarm are investing in the latest packaging eco-conscious projects to achieve sustainable packaging goals

As technology advances, we'll start to see less waste going to landfill and more sustainable packaging entering the market like Brookfarm's world-first kerbside recyclable soft plastic pouch

 Brookfarm Sustainable Packaging Awards for Roll N RecycleRead more on the awards we have received for our Roll 'N' Recycle pouch.

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