Yes, it’s daunting to imagine not spending the Easter break with our loved ones or continuing to social distance for the next few months – but there’s no better time that now to focus on yourself, focus on your family and start a new hobby!

While this isn’t the start to 2020 that we all had in mind, it’s important to see the positives in every situation and it’s a great time to slow down and reflect.

Here are a few ideas to occupy your time:

Become a masterchef

Learn to cook and bake

Get cooking, get baking and become the masterchef you’ve always wanted to be! The internet is filled with amazing recipes, we have whole stack over here – but why not go rogue and create something completely from scratch!

Have a family picnic

Have a family picnic. Lay out your favourite picnic rug, make yourself a delicious cheese platter and get your loved ones on video chat! No backyard, no problem! Open your doors, open your windows, clear a space in your lounge room and just imagine!

Find a new hobby

Start a new hobby

 Learn a new craft, a new skill or even new language. There are so many different ideas that we all push aside for lack of time… now is your time! Pottery, sewing, painting, guitar, sign language… or a Brook family favourite, archery!

Stay active & healthy

Stay Active

Exercise and stay active! Even if you can’t go out for a walk or hit the gym, there are so many online workouts to follow along with.

Play all of the games

Kids games

Boardgames, puzzles, arts & crafts! Create some healthy competition and keep the kids (and you!) entertained for hours with all of their favourite games and creative activities.

Just relax!

Relax and enjoy

Pamper yourself! Run yourself a bath, plenty of bath salts and essential oils, read a book, listen to music and just relax! This is our top pick!

If you’ve got some great indoor activities of your own, please share them with us on Instagram, we’re always looking for more way to keep ourselves and our little ones entertained!


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