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The taste of real food, fine ground

What it’s all about

Brookfarm Bloom is an organic baby cereal you can rely on. Made with only the best natural ingredients, introducing just a touch of fine ground tree nuts in a nourishing blend of organic wholegrains.


The Bloom infants range introduces tree nuts to children in small quantities and is the first breakfast cereal for infants to do this.


  • 100% organic
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • Peanut free
  • Fine ground organic tree nuts and organic wholegrains
  • Natural flavours from freeze-dried fruits
  • 3 varieties with gluten free varieties available
  • Added Iron and Thiamine sourced from organic quinoa sprouts
  • Easy to prepare

​The facts

We believe your baby’s cereals should be so much more than rice. Bloom introduces a wide variety of delicious ingredients and flavours to give your child a healthy start.

The evidence is clearly in and the recommendations of Australia’s and the world’s leading medical organisations and Allergy Specialists is that to prevent the development of up to 80% of food allergies in children it’s important to introduce the common allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, cow’s milk, sesame, fish and shellfish into your children’s diet from the age of 4 months to 12 months – and to continue this over the next five years.

* Nip Allergies in the Bub – National Allergy Strategy website.

Brookfarm supports the recommendation by the Australian Breastfeeding Association that mothers, wherever possible, should continue to breastfeed whilst introducing solids to their babies’ diet.



Cooking at home for your baby creates healthier meals for your children. We recommend starting with Bloom cereal as the foundation for breakfast and add fresh foods to create a well-balanced meal. Bloom provides the essential fibre and nutrition for your baby and is gentle on your baby’s tummy. As your baby’s taste becomes more adventurous, you can get more creative with the meals you create.

When introducing common food allergens an ideal source of information is Nip Allergies in the Bub.

Yoghurt and Avocado Breakfast

Yoghurt and Avocado Breakfast – 6+ months

This recipe introduces probiotic rich dairy – always use full fat dairy. Coconut yoghurt is also rich in probiotics and is a great dairy alternative. Avocado is a great source of essential fats but keep the amount small so you don’t overload your bub’s tiny tummy.

  1. Prepare Smooth Banana cereal as per pack instructions
  2. Add 1 tsp of yoghurt and stir
  3. Add 1 tsp of mashed avocado
Cocoluscious Berry Breakfast

Cocoluscious Nutty Berry Breakfast – 9+ months

Coconut yoghurt is rich in probiotics to help develop your baby’s gut health. Adding just a small amount of smooth peanut butter or any other nut butter to your baby’s meals is an ideal way to introduce nuts to your baby.

  1. Prepare Smooth Pear cereal as per pack instructions
  2. Add a heaped teaspoon of coconut yoghurt & stir
  3. Add ½ teaspoon of smooth peanut butter
  4. Top with 2 tsp of softened berries (optional)
    1. Add 1 cup mixed berries in season (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries) to a saucepan with 1 tablespoon water
    2. Simmer over low heat for 5 mins until softened
    3. Cool and serve – Store excess in sealed jar in fridge for up to 5 days
Savoury Egg Porridge

Savoury Egg Porridge – 9+ months

Adding just a small amount of egg (preferably organic and free range) to baby’s cereal (make sure it’s hard boiled and mashed smooth so there are no big lumpy pieces) is an ideal way to gradually introduce egg to your baby. Baby’s love slightly fatty foods so the addition of a little ghee makes this one go down a treat.

  1. Prepare Apple & Carrot cereal as per pack instructions, you can make it thicker if your baby is ready for more textured foods
  2. Add ¼ of a hard boiled egg
  3. Add ¼ teaspoon ghee
  4. Add 1/8 teaspoon miso paste

Pear and Coconut Porridge – 9+ months

Baby’s love slightly fatty foods. This is a way of providing essential fats in a healthy nutritious way. The addition of nutritious coconut butter makes this one go down a treat. You can find organic coconut butter on your supermarket shelves or make your own by blitzing desiccated organic coconut in a blender until it is a smooth runny paste.

  1. Prepare Apple & Carrot cereal as per pack instructions, you can make it thicker if your baby is ready for more textured foods
  2. Add 2 slices of finely chopped steamed or fresh soft pear (skin on)
  3. Drizzle with 1 tsp of coconut butter

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